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Discover Proteomics
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  1. CEM Microwave
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Discover Proteomics
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Introducing microwave-assisted proteomic sample preparation! The CEM Discover® System provides fast, dependable results in minutes!
Ideal for:
  • Membrane solubilizations - dramatically increases protein recovery
  • ICAT & iTRAQ™ tagging - improves tagging efficiency
  • In-gel & Solution digests - 5-10 minute digests with improved coverage
We help chemists explore the unlimited potential of their creativity. The Discover® System is the most versatile and convenient platform available for microwave-assisted organic synthesis. CEM offers an array of modules for the base system that can be used with "plug and play" ease, making Discover both customizable and extremely cost-effective.
  • Focused™ Microwave cavity design for the most efficient use of energy
  • Precise control of temperature and power
  • Simultaneous cooling - patented feature that allows microwave energy input while maintaining low to moderate temperatures
  • Flexible - open architecture design allows introduction of a variety of different sample types

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